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April 2019

Winbourne Consulting is pleased to announce that Senior Consultant Chris Robbins, PMP,.....

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting, LLC was awarded a subcontract by Homeland Security Solutions, Inc......

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting was selected by the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) to provide consulting services.....

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting is providing subject matter expertise to assist Dane County, WI Emergency Communications Center......

March 2019

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the City of Springfield, Massachusetts in the implementation of their body-worn.....

March 2019

Winbourne Consulting attended the CAL NENA Conference held from March 10th – 13th. Winbourne Senior Consultant.....

December 2013

The State of New Jersey has awarded Winbourne Consulting a contract to perform an analysis of the State’s current 911 infrastructure, and develop recommendations for improvements needed to support NextGen Technology and operations.


As the lead subject matter expert, Winbourne Consulting is assisting the State of New Jersey in a preliminary assessment of their current 9-1-1 infrastructure in anticipation of moving to NG9-1-1. The project and our responsibilities include:


1) Research and review present industry trends. Baseline of what States have begun to or have migrated to towards NG9-1-1 in some form (ESINet, CPE, GIS);

2) Assess other state’s NG9-1-1 strategy including RFI/RFP, contract awards, and projected timelines for implementation;

3) Prepare options and recommendations to be presented to the Statewide Public Safety Communications Commission (SPSCC) for New Jersey’s migration to NG9-1-1 which consider:

a. Estimated infrastructure cost to State which includes concurrent, start-up and ongoing cost.

b. If New Jersey does not fund CPE for every PSAP and takes a phased approach is there a method for legacy analog CPE to coexist on the ESINet? What, if any, are the problems doing so?

c. Estimated cost to State/PSAPs comparing existing IP capable PSAPs to non-IP capable analog PSAPs. Is there a general “rule of thumb” when it comes to CPE costs

d. Project timeframe for migration from legacy to IP based infrastructure.

e. Recommend minimum requirements for the selection of qualified bidders. What NG9-1-1 providers operate a NOC?

f. Identify existing or potential functions that may exist within the state that can be leveraged in a statewide ESI network

g. Recommend a staffing model to coordinate and sustain such a network.

h. Evaluate the scope, complexity and the resources required for writing the final RFP and recommend whether such a project requires the services of an established professional consulting firm with the technical ability and experience in statewide NG9-1-1 RFP creation, or, if the project can successfully and timely proceed in-house. Provide estimated cost to outsource the RFP development effort.


October 2013

Winbourne Consulting Accompanies Jakarta Government Team During Visits to Melbourne Australia PSAPs


Jeff Winbourne, CEO of Winbourne Consulting, LLC accompanied a delegation of city government officials from Jakarta, Indonesia during a visit to the “000” emergency communications center in Melbourne, Australia managed by the Emergency Services and Telecommunications Authority (ESTA). ESTA provides emergency communications services for the state of Victoria which has a population of about 5.6 million residents. ESTA has three emergency communications centers handing over 2 million calls per year and dispatching police, fire, and ambulance services.


The Indonesian delegation was led by Deputy Governor Dr. Sylviana Murni Moerdjani and included the Civil Defense and Fire Department Chiefs as well as the Head of Social and Health Affairs, Secretary of the Public Safety Committee and Head of the Health Department. Gary Payne, the NENA Ambassador for South East Asia organized the tour with ESTA.


The delegation also toured the Victoria Emergency Operations Center, Metropolitan Fire Department and Ambulance Victoria facilities. Winbourne Consulting, LLC is assisting Jakarta develop a 5-year Emergency Response and Public Safety Master Plan.



September 2013

Jeff Winbourne, CEO of Winbourne Consulting, has written an article about the City of Jakarta’s pioneering use of social media to help manage the city’s monumental and increasing traffic problems.


Jeff Winbourne, CEO of Winbourne Consulting, has written an article about the City of Jakarta’s pioneering use of social media to help manage the city’s monumental and increasing traffic problems. Jeff has been able to observe first-hand the positive results of this ground-breaking initiative in action as part of his role in Winbourne’s consulting engagement to assist the Province of Jakarta, Indonesia develop a 5-year Emergency Response and Public Safety Master Plan. The article has been published in APCO’s “Public Safety Communications” publication. To read the full article, select the following link:



September 2013

Glenn Roach, Vice President of Winbourne Consulting, has been appointed to the FCC Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council's (CSRIC) IV Working Group 1(NG9-1-1).


Glenn’s appointment to the FCC Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council's (CSRIC) IV Working Group 1 (NG 9-1-1) recognizes his expertise and thought leadership in the field of NG 911. This working group has the following primary goals:


Tasking 1 – Text-to-911 Standards in the following areas: Location Determination and PSAP Requests for Service

Tasking 2 – Location Accuracy and Testing for Voice-over-LTE Networks.

Tasking 3 – Specification for Indoor Location Accuracy Test Bed.


August 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the drawings for the 2 Samsung 3, 7” tablets that was held by Winbourne Consulting at the recent 2013 APCO Conference in Anaheim, California.


Congratulations to the winners of the drawing for the 2 Samsung 3, 7” tablets. The winners are:


Deanna Storrs, Communications Officer

from the Garfield County, Washington

Sheriff’s Department, shown here

receiving her new Samsung Tablet

with Tom Brefeld, Director of Marketing

for Winbourne Consulting.









Rebecca Numecheck, Telecommunicator,

Genesee County, Michigan 9-1-1

Communications Center shown

here with Andrew Reece, President

of Winbourne Consulting.








August 2013

Glenn Roach, a member of the Winbourne Management Team has been appointed to the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) LTE/Console Interface Task Working Group to represent NG9-1-1 community.


The tasks of this subgroup is to study console type devices including dispatching and call-taking, and their respective relationships to one another and to the forthcoming nationwide Public Safety Broadband network (NPSBN). Their endgame is to develop user requirements for console type devices in the context of the FirstNet NPSBN build out.



August 2013



We invite you stop by our booth (Booth # 1345) to learn more about our services and solutions and register to win a Samsung Tablet. We will be holding a drawing on both Monday, August 19th and on Tuesday, August 20th to give away a Samsung Tablet on each day. We look forward to seeing you there.



June 2013



On June 27th, 2013 Winbourne Consulting and Optimal Solutions & Technology, Inc. (OST) coordinated a visit by Dr. S. K. Nanda, the Gujarat, India Home Secretary to the McConnell Public Safety & Transportation Operations Center (MPSTOC) in Fairfax County, Virginia. Gujarat is a state in western India bordering the Arabian Sea and Pakistan with over 60 million residents. The state has played a leading role nationally in strengthening the public safety systems and infrastructure and is continuing to make improvements. Dr. Nanda in his role as Home Secretary is responsible for public safety in the state.



March 2013



Winbourne Consulting Co-Sponsored Virginia Beach Software Exposition a success for both vendors and public safety personnel.


As part of our role in developing an Integrated Public Safety Plan for the city of Virginia Beach’s public safety agencies, Winbourne Consulting organized a software expo that included managing and coordinating vendor participation and working with the Department of Communication and Information Technology in holding this event. Over 25 software vendors whose products ranged from CAD/Records/Mobile to forensics and evidence management participated in the 2 day event. Over 400 Public Safety personnel from Virginia Beach, neighboring and other Virginia localities, as well as out-of state localities were able to spend quality, 1-on-1 time reviewing the software vendors’ solutions. The Virginia Beach press release below describes how excited both the city and the software vendors are with the results of the expo.


Special thanks to the City of Virginia Beach and Charles L Monts, Integrated Public Safety Project Manager for their assistance in putting on a great event.


”The primary purpose of the expo was to expose Virginia Beach’s public safety members to the latest product features and capabilities. We had a total of 585 registered attendees with 419 checked in. We estimated 300-400 people each day – several attendees came both days. Again I want to thank you for attending and contributing to the success of this event. The response I have received from the Virginia Beach attendees and other localities has been very positive.”


Charles L Monts, PMP

Integrated Public Safety Project Manager

Technology Project Management Office

Department of Communications and Information Technology

City of Virginia Beach


Here is what some of the participants had to say:


“I thought the expo was a success, and my main complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. I wish I had had more time with the vendors.”


“Attendees from Virginia Beach and Other localities – were appreciative for the opportunity to view the latest and greatest in Public safety – good responses to questions about Mobile Field Reporting (MFR), tablets, Crime Scene/Case Management, Integrated possibilities for CAD and RMS (for Police, Fire, and EMS). Attendees also saw new mobile technologies and capabilities.”


“The Virginia Beach Fire Department members provided excellent feedback about the expo. Members were able to see and touch systems that will enhance their ability to perform their jobs. The mobile operating environment was most important to the operations personnel and the advancements in routing, mapping, and premise information were very popular. The ability to drill into information in the records management systems were very helpful to the data analysis and the accreditation manager. The members I spoke to are excited to see the opportunities to leverage new technology. We thought it was a great way to show the systems and to increase knowledge about the IPS project.”


From Hanover County: “appreciate that VA Beach pulled this together. Looking forward to collaborating with you.”


And from the vendors:


“I heard nothing but good responses from the vendors about the participation from local, regional, other states, etc.”


“Thanks again for the invitation to be a part of such a well planned and executed event.”


“Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this unique event. We thought the event was well planning and organized and were quite happy with the attendance. Our team had a chance to speak to over one-hundred Virginia Beach personnel as well as personnel from surrounding Hampton Roads agencies including many existing customers. In the process, we also identified several net new prospective business opportunities. We look forward to the next steps in the process at Virginia Beach.”


2013 Announcements

Winbourne Consulting provides technology and management consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their goals. We work on technology, business and operational issues, identify problem areas, and partner with our clients to plan and implement effective solutions.



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