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April 2019

Winbourne Consulting is pleased to announce that Senior Consultant Chris Robbins, PMP,.....

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting, LLC was awarded a subcontract by Homeland Security Solutions, Inc......

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting was selected by the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) to provide consulting services.....

April 2019

Winbourne Consulting is providing subject matter expertise to assist Dane County, WI Emergency Communications Center......

March 2019

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the City of Springfield, Massachusetts in the implementation of their body-worn.....

March 2019

Winbourne Consulting attended the CAL NENA Conference held from March 10th – 13th. Winbourne Senior Consultant.....

November 2014

Murrieta CaliforniaWinbourne Consulting was also awarded a contract to assist Murrieta CA in replacing its CAD/RMS system. As part of this project, Winbourne will perform a needs assessment of the City’s public safety operations and technology, and develop technical specifications and operational requirements for an integrated suite of public safety applications.


November 2014

In addition, our Commercial Client Services Division was awarded an additional scope of work for expanded assessment services. This global technology leader is one of the growing list of commercial entities looking for independent validation and an objective assessment of industry fit, market dynamics and solution readiness. The Winbourne team looks forward to serving the industry as we continue to assist Public Safety entities in navigating the paradigm shift.


October 2014

Winbourne Consulting was awarded the NG9-1-1 implementation contract after competitive procurement to lead our nation’s capital through its Next Generation 9-1-1 Migration effort.

The District of Columbia Office of Unified Communications (OUC) is one of our nation’s most complex, integrated PSAP environments providing converged communications for Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC), Fire and Emergency Medical Services (FEMS) and non-emergency (311) services from a highly secure consolidated center. With over 100 call taking and dispatch positions, the DC OUC is one of the single largest PSAPs in the nation and, as part of its continued commitment to excellence, selected Winbourne Consulting to lead them into and through their NG9-1-1 transition efforts. Winbourne Consulting’s team of industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) kicked off this program in October, defining the specific roadmap together with the client and our subcontract partner on the program Telecommunications Development Corporation (TDC).


August 2014

Commonwealth of Massachusetts hires General Dynamics to create next generation 9-1-1 System. Download the full press release.


March 2014

Winbourne Consulting signed a contract with the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications of Chile (Subtel), to provide Technical Assistance for the National Emergency Network (NEN) Project funded through a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). The project is focused on working on multiple fronts to enhance Chile’s national emergency/disaster response capabilities in reaction to the loss of life and property destruction that resulted from the February 2010 earthquake and tsunami. The design and installation of the National Emergency Network (NEN) are considered essential elements of these overall efforts. Our team will work closely with all Government of Chile stakeholder organizations in addition to Subtel to include the principal beneficiary of the NEN the National Emergency Office (Oficina Nacional de Emergencia, ONEMI), that is responsible for civil protection and for coordination of emergency/disaster relief efforts.


March 2014

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the National Capital Region in managing the Interoperable Communications Infrastructure project.


March 2014

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the Fairfax County Police Department in replacing its Records Management and Field Reporting System.


February 2014

Winbourne Consulting was selected by Clackamas County, Oregon, to serve as the Project Manager in their Computer Aided Dispatch/Mobile Replacement Project. The major services components include conducting a systems review, developing and maintaining a master plan , coordinating change management, coordinating project activities and documentation, developing an implementation plan, assisting with system testing and assuming responsibility for the overall success of the project.


February 2014

Winbourne Consulting is supporting the planning and design tasks for the new Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters and 911 center. We are working as part of the Architect’s Team as the Technology Consultant. For reference, Maricopa County includes the City of Phoenix, the 6th largest US city and the County is over 9,990 square miles in area, almost the size of the state of Massachusetts and a population of about 4M residents. The firm is providing technology design services for Command / Security Control and Communications Centers.


We supported the Architect’s team and MCSO with the technology aspects for the development of the facility Program, Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents. Our project work is now in the Construction Administration phase. In support of this task we are coordinating on a daily basis with the Construction Manager, Architect, MCSO, County IT and technology vendors.


Our responsibilities also included the development of technical specifications for 911-related systems. These systems are considered special and are being procured by the County in separately from the building and the General Contractor’s scope. In this capacity, we have worked with many units within the MCSO to include the 911 Emergency Operations Center staff to develop specifications for the following technologies:


    • Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management System, Mobile Data systems
    • Audio Visual Systems
    • Radio Systems infrastructure
    • 911 and administrative telecommunications systems
    • Logging and recording system
    • Network Design


A new P-25 radio system is being procured by the County on a separate initiative. We are coordinating with this project for integration into the 911 center and Sheriff’s command center.


In addition to the specifications, we have provided the MCSO and County with budget estimates for each of the systems as well as integration costs. We also coordinate on a continuing basis with the County Office of Enterprise Technology and the MCSO IT staff the design of the network that will support the new facility and used to transport voice, data, and video throughout the county to support law enforcement efforts.


Our firm is also responsible for the design and fit-out, testing, and acceptance for the technology components listed above and recently completed the management of the migration of the 911 center to the new facility.


January 2014

Winbourne Consulting will assist the Chula Vista California Police Department in their Mobile Data Computer Upgrade Project. Primary tasks include: developing project schedule/timing requirements, developing preliminary and detailed budget, reviewing and documenting current network infrastructure, developing system design and installation requirements, developing an installation plan and conduct acceptance testing.


January 2014

Winbourne Consulting was engaged by the City of Los Angeles to provide expert consulting services to assess its need for CAD-to-CAD connectivity between the City, Los Angeles County, the city of Long Beach, and Verdugo Fire, and to create functional and technical expectations to be included in a Statement of Work and RFP for a CAD-to-CAD solution.


Our project tasks include:

  • Assess the current people, process and technology needs for a CAD-to-CAD solution
  • Provide a Needs Analysis for a CAD-to-CAD solution
  • Meet with all jurisdictions to develop technical and functional expectations
  • Validate all technical and functional expectations with representatives from all jurisdictions
  • Create a Statement of Work and Functional Expectation Worksheet for inclusion in an RFP
  • Recommend vendor evaluation and demonstration criteria


We interviewed the deputy city manager, LA project team, fire chiefs from all jurisdictions and senior stakeholders, and collected detailed operational and system information from all of the fire agencies. We also facilitated a series of data gathering meetings, to include interviews, focus group sessions, and workshops to document the existing technology and functional expectations of all fire agencies. One of project’s primary objectives was to document the current CAD-to-CAD needs to determine if a CAD-to-CAD solution meets the desired expectations and fulfills the strategic goal of the project.


  • The strategic goal of the project is to provide incident and apparatus information during mutual and automatic aid scenarios between the four jurisdictions that equips the dispatchers with real-time, electronically driven information that expedites dispatch times; thereby reducing on scene response times.


The project scope is:

  • Develop a Needs Assessment for a CAD-to-CAD: Develop technical and functional expectations and supporting jurisdictional information for an RFP designed to procure a CAD-to-CAD solution for the four jurisdictions with the flexibility and expandability desired for future operations.

Winbourne Consulting News: 2014

Winbourne Consulting provides technology and management consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their goals. We work on technology, business and operational issues, identify problem areas, and partner with our clients to plan and implement effective solutions.



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