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April 2017

On April 12th, Winbourne Consulting participated in a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting has been assisting the city of Waco, Texas in their acquisition of a Body Worn Camera System....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting attended the Louisiana NENA/APCO Conference in Bossier City, Louisiana 3/5/ 2017...

Recent Announcements

May 2017

Winbourne Consulting is pleased to announce that Tom Maureau has been promoted to Vice-President, Public Safety System Services. Tom had been with Winbourne...

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting was recently awarded a contract to conduct an assessment of the Port of Virginia Police Command Center’s security management system....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting will be attending the Louisiana NENA/Winbourne Consulting is currently assisting Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, Virginia...

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9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Command Centers / Mission Critical Facilities

Radio/Wireless Communications



9-1-1 Statistics (NENA)

Next Generation Trends:

Estimates are that nearly 29.7% of all U.S. households currently rely on wireless as their primary service as of June 2011 (having given up wireline service or chosen not to use it). (CTIA - Wireless Quick Facts - Dec 2011)


9-1-1 Call Volume:

An estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year. According to the FCC, one-third are wireless calls; in many communities, it’s one-half or more of all 9-1-1 calls.


9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Operational Best Practices: 9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Winbourne Consulting extensive project experience provides a thorough understanding of the issues and best practices surrounding 9-1-1 Center operations. Beyond our project experience, we have also visited a number of major centers to obtain additional insight into current best practices in facility design, operations, technology, training, funding, process management, and organization. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of best practices we provide the key elements for planning, implementing, and managing a 9-1-1-solution. Winbourne Consulting has been involved with the design and implementation of a number of major facilities within the United States and internationally. Our teams of subject matter experts are able to utilize these experiences to help with facility design and operations, including issues related to complex environments. This experience includes providing clients with services in the area of governance, operations, procedures, technology and financial considerations.



A keystone to the Emergency Communications Center is technology. Our wide-ranging experience in the planning, management, installation and integration of these technologies includes:


• Telephony• Voice Logging and Recording• GIS• Radio• CTI• CAD/RMS• Mobile Computer Terminals• Video



As a critical facility, requiring 24X7 operations with a very high level of availability – i.e. virtually no downtime, the design of the 9-1-1 emergency communications center facility must consider the residents’ requirements for power and communications as well as the interactions between the various team members within the facility. In addition, with the role of the center increasingly expanding to include the support of interoperable communications, more focus is being spent on the joint tenancy of related agencies, such as Transportation, and multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional dispatch operations, requiring a more synchronized approach to emergency response. Similarly, the high cost of these facilities drives jurisdictions to evaluate the potential to share costs across agencies and even jurisdictions to achieve appropriate financial economies of scale.

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Case Studies

9-1-1 Case Studies and White Papers

9-1-1 Project Summaries

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9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Winbourne Consulting provides technology and management consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their goals. We work on technology, business and operational issues, identify problem areas, and partner with our clients to plan and implement effective solutions.



Ada County, Idaho has selected Winbourne Consulting to provide Project Management Implementation Services...


The City of Los Angeles has awarded Winbourne Consulting the contract to develop the RFP for a CAD to CAD...


Arlington County, Virginia has chosen Winbourne Consulting to assist them in developing a blueprint for migration...


The State of New Jersey has awarded Winbourne Consulting a contract to perform an analysis of...



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