March 2018 Newsletter

March 2018

Winbourne Consulting offers a full range of public safety services, including strategic planning, systems integration, specifications development, solution acquisition, and implementation project management and quality assurance.

Our Areas of Expertise encompass all segments of Public Safety, including:

  • PSAP Consolidation
  • NextGen/911 Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Public Safety Communications and Telephony
  • Public Safety Applications and Systems Requirements and Implementation Support
  • Mission Critical Facilities Design and Fit-Out
  • 311 Call Centers and Implementation
  • PSAP Staffing and Operations Analysis

Our Clients include city, county, state, and federal agencies located throughout the United States and the world, as well as countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.


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E911 Consolidation

Part II NG9-1-1 and Consolidation


Today the existing nationwide E9-1-1 network handles more than 240 million calls per year. But its archaic architecture of routing calls based on telephone numbers and wireline technology is outmoded, and lacks the ability to effectively adapt to the continued advancement of wireless communications and the multitude of different device types that utilize wireless technology. This challenge is the reason that Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) capabilities were developed.


The Next Generation 9-1-1 Emergency Services Internet Protocol Network (ESInet) will enable agencies to expand their communications on a dedicated, secure network beyond PSAPs, to Law enforcement Operations Centers, other law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical services. This network could also include traffic monitoring centers, crime analysts, Poison Control Rooms, trauma centers, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and disaster management centers.


The ESInet provides the platform that will facilitate public safety agencies’ ability to access data from a variety of data bases and applications, which will enhance their ability to carry out their missions. In today’s public safety operational environment, access to current reliable data to track, monitor, and predict criminal and terrorist activity is an essential requirement for their ability to protect the public and fight crime.


Consolidation can work hand in hand with Next Generation 9-1-1. If agencies choose not to implement a full consolidation, NG9-1-1 can be applied in a shared technology/virtual consolidation model. In a shared technology/virtual consolidation, agencies will leverage the same technology and networks and will usually remain independent operations and maintain jurisdictional identities. An example would be two agencies utilizing the same CAD and 9-1-1 telephony systems.


NG9-1-1 recognizes a call for emergency services from any device, anytime and anywhere. An ESInet is one of the first basic building blocks required for NG9-1-1, per NENA-INF-008.2-2013. A number of the benefits of NG9-1-1 are similar to the benefits of consolidation. These benefits are:

  • Data sharing between PSAPs
  • Improved redundancy and reliability (virtual PSAPs)
  • Improved response times
  • Greater visibility into emergency incidents and incident management
  • Improved location accuracy capabilities
  • Potential for reduced operating costs by sharing core services in the network



There are typically challenges to address when moving forward with a consolidation project and/or a regional NG9-1-1 ESInet. Some of the challenges are:


  • Consensus – obtaining stakeholder support for the project for all parties involved
  • Governance –creating a multi-jurisdictional model for consolidating PSAPs or a establishing a regional ESInet consortium
  • Funding – identifying all funding mechanisms
  • Technology – integrating existing and new
  • Employee Education – addressing employee fears about consolidation
  • Operational Issues – addressing union differences, policies and procedures, schedules, training, and organization


As with all challenges, these can be obstacles to moving forward but they can also provide the opportunity for growth. As Henry John Kaiser (see note (1) below) stated, “problems are opportunities in work clothes”.



Barriers to consolidation or a regional ESInet can be overcome if there is a political will to improve service to the agencies and communities that are served. Concerns over consolidation can be addressed through an organized process involving stakeholders from all agencies which address needs and determines the beneficial advantages.


Winbourne Consulting, LLC has assisted numerous agencies in their consolidation efforts as well as state and regional NG9-1-1 planning and deployment efforts. This assistance has run the gamut from Consolidation Studies to RFP Development and Evaluations, to developing Governance Requirements to Implementation Assistance. For more information, please contact us at


(1) Henry John Kaiser (May 9, 1882 – August 24, 1967) was an American industrialist who became known as the father of modern American shipbuilding.


Winbourne Happenings


Winbourne Consulting in its role as Program Manager assisted the City of Virginia Beach (CVB) in its successful transition to live operations on their new PremierOne™ CAD/Mobile system. The City’s dispatch center uses 32 workstations to support their customer agencies; Police, Fire, EMS and Sheriff. Simultaneously, these four agencies went live on the new mobile solution with 450 units deployed in total. The implementation also included 16 interfaces to other systems.


Winbourne Consulting provided Program Management and Subject Matter Support for the Integrated Public Safety (IPS) Project, which includes modernization of the City’s Public Safety application infrastructure: CAD, Mobile, Law Enforcement RMS, Field Based Reporting, Fire RMS, Integrated Workforce Management, e-Ticketing, and an Operational Data Store Data Warehouse. Additionally, Winbourne provided the City IT strategic planning, technical architecture, operational requirements and RFP solicitation development, procurement support, vendor contract negotiations, and implementation project management and business and system analytical support for all aspects of the IPS Project.


Winbourne Consulting has been contracted by Bellevue, Washington to provide consulting services to perform a Feasibility Study of body-worn and dashboard camera systems for the Bellevue Police Department (BPD). The intent of this study is to develop a solid basis of understanding regarding the financial, policy, and personnel impacts before deciding to move forward with possible implementation.


The Westminster, Colorado Police Department has selected Winbourne Consulting to assist them in the acquisition of a CAD/RMS system. The contract includes needs assessment, RFP development, evaluation and scoring process, and contract negotiations.


Winbourne Consulting will be participating in the upcoming Louisiana NENA APCO Symposium April 16 – 18, 2018 in Marksville, LA.

In addition to sponsoring a booth at this Symposium, Winbourne Consulting will present, on Tuesday, April 17th, the work we have done for a number of 9-1-1 centers in the state. The presentation will review:

  • Legislation governing 9-1-1 Surcharge Collections and Remittances as well as areas of legislation governing 9-1-1 service provider tariffs and billing Revenues and Expenses as it relates to their 9-1-1 Operations.
  • Revenue generation from 9-1-1 Surcharge remittances by telecommunications services providers as well as potential alternative sources of funding;
  • Expenses incurred from 9-1-1 service providers.


For more information on the Louisiana NENA APCO event, please visit:


Tom Klaban from Winbourne Consulting gave a presentation on “Improving PSAP/Public Safety Operations via CAD to CAD/PSAP to PSAP Connectivity” at the annual CALNENA conference at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, CA Thursday, March 1st.

The presentation was well received by the attendees who remarked that they had a much better understanding of all of the benefits that interoperability provides for the participating PSAPs. They learned that not only can PSAPs share incident information and resources, but they could have the ability to utilize all of the NG911 information available to PSAPs such as burglar and fire alarms, panic buttons, car telematics, smart phone information including medical and location, social media information, etc. The CAD-to-CAD integration could also be the first step to mitigating cyber-attacks because the interoperability software typically have the ability to provide a better view into malicious and abandoned calls, and identify potential network and server breaches.


Public Safety News


IWCE 2018 was held in Orlando, FL, instead of the traditional Las Vegas location, where it will return for 2019. Winbourne Consulting participated in the iCERT Pavilion at IWCE, several other iCERT members. The conference tracks this year’s IWCE conference included discussions on FirstNet/Public Safety Broadband Network, NG911 and convergence with the broadband network at the PSAP level and interoperability and parallel networks, among others. Keynote addresses were delivered by AT&T, FirstNet, and Verizon. The major themes of these keynote addresses were improving service to make citizens and first responders safer. As that process naturally evolves citizen-initiated data will be available in the future with NG911. The session addressing the interoperability of NG911 and the public safety broadband networks was generated a great deal of discussion which will likely continue for many months.


Industry Events


Every year during the second week of April, the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community, are honored. This week-long event, initially set up in 1981 by Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in California, is a time to celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving the public. It is a week that should be set aside so everyone can be made aware of their hard work and dedication.


May 1-2, 2018 | Arlington, VA

This annual event provides a forum for technology experts, policy leaders, industry partners, wireless service providers and public safety professionals to discuss timely issues affecting the deployment of the FirstNet nationwide public safety broadband network.



The IACP has hosted the annual Technology Conference (formerly the LEIM Conference) since April 1977. Now in its 42nd year, the Technology Conference provides training, professional development, and a national forum for law enforcement executives, operational managers, and technology and research staff to share best practices and lessons learned on a broad array of new and emerging technologies. A Call for Presentations will open shortly for the 42nd Annual Technology Conference, which will convene in Providence, Rhode Island on May 21-23, 2018. More information can be found here.


NENA 2018 is the can’t-miss event for today’s 9-1-1 professional who wants to stay ahead of the curve and gain practical skills and knowledge that yield immediate results. NENA's annual conference equips you with great ideas for overcoming the obstacles you and your team face every day, provides you with expert insights about what the future holds for 9-1-1, and prepares you to take the next step in your career. But that's not all. NENA 2018 delivers unparalleled opportunities for you to connect with your peers and discover how they're addressing the same challenges you're facing.

Articles of Interest


Full Service App For Railroad Emergency Response

Launched in 2014, AskRail is a mobile app developed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Association of American Railroads that’s available for free to first responders who need to know what to expect at the scene of a train incident. Users enter railcar numbers into the app’s search engine to instantly see what’s onboard.


West Tests 9-1-1 Location Technology with Google, PSAPs

West announced results of a wireless 9-1-1 location trial using its Wireless Dispatchable Location Services and Google’s Android Emergency Location Services technologies. The purpose of West’s trial was to determine if WDLS using ELS could improve on the carrier-based location provided to 9-1-1 call centers through faster delivery of the location, improved accuracy of the location or both.


New Orleans Opens Real Time Crime Monitoring Center

The center can also provide real-time information to the city Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service and New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness as well as their public safety partners. The city connected Motorola’s CommandCentral Aware software to its Motorola PremierOne computer-aided dispatch system to integrate voice, data and video.


RapidDeploy Joins iCERT

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies announced that RapidDeploy joined the association. RapidDeploy supports public-safety agencies with its call-taking and CAD platform. The company combines advanced telematics to allow agencies to maximize their efficiency and enable teams to share and report critical information in real time.