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April 2017

On April 12th, Winbourne Consulting participated in a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting has been assisting the city of Waco, Texas in their acquisition of a Body Worn Camera System....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting attended the Louisiana NENA/APCO Conference in Bossier City, Louisiana 3/5/ 2017...

Recent Announcements

May 2017

Winbourne Consulting is pleased to announce that Tom Maureau has been promoted to Vice-President, Public Safety System Services. Tom had been with Winbourne...

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting was recently awarded a contract to conduct an assessment of the Port of Virginia Police Command Center’s security management system....

April 2017

Winbourne Consulting will be attending the Louisiana NENA/Winbourne Consulting is currently assisting Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, Virginia...

Project Management Solutions

Our deep experience in project management across an array of large complex projects and a dedication to quality as evidenced by our ISO 9000 registration and our use of the PMBOK guide which illustrates the importance we associate with this area.


Large projects with large numbers of interdependent tasks, tight schedules and a diversity of responsible individuals can easily fail to meet target dates, and these delays often have significant impact to budget and cost overruns are often a result. Our rigorous approach to project management includes key factors of:


Winbourne Consulting Project Review and AssessmentPROJECT REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT

Our clients are often interested in a confirmation of the overall health and status of a project. Usually there are three primary concerns:


  • Is the project on schedule?
  • Can the project expect to be completed within budget?
  • Will the objectives of the project be met?


If the answer to any of these questions is other than positive, we also provide specific plans to address the deficiencies and obstacles to bring the project back under control. These reviews can range from simple reviews taking several work days, and providing a high level report card on an initiative, through more extensive reviews lasting weeks or months – depending on the size and complexity of the initiative.


Winbourne Consulting Schedule ManagementSCHEDULE MANAGEMENT

At the center of our schedule management engagements is our deep knowledge of project management. All of our staff are experienced project managers and understand the crucial role schedule management plays in project management.


Winbourne Consulting Vendor ManagementVENDOR MANAGEMENT

An important role in systems integrations is to manage and monitor vendors focused on the implementation of their solutions. Our focus on these areas, in conjunction with our client and the vendor reduces project risk and improves the quality of the operational solution.


Body Work Camera (BWC) Quality Assurance Services

Body Worn Camera Law Enforcement agencies typically collect tens of thousands of man hours of BWC video that they will not have time to properly QA. Winbourne Consulting can provide a proper BWC system QA program to ensure that:

  • All personnel who are issued a BWC system are using it per policy and procedure,
  • The BWC system is working as designed and implemented,
  • Recorded incidents are reviewed for the following key criteria:
  • Department policies and procedures were followed,
  • Personnel behavior an language,
  • Identification of incidents that should be reviewed by department management.


Additionally, a proper QA system:

  • Evaluates the utilization of the BWC system and related business processes to determine if the BWC system meeting the goals and objectives of the department.
  • Assists the department in avoiding the allegation of a “cover up” in which the department is in possession of a recorded incident that requires investigation yet the department took no action for lack of knowledge about the incident


Winbourne Consulting Project Management Solutions

Project Management

Winbourne Consulting provides technology and management consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their goals. We work on technology, business and operational issues, identify problem areas, and partner with our clients to plan and implement effective solutions.



Ada County, Idaho has selected Winbourne Consulting to provide Project Management Implementation Services...


The City of Los Angeles has awarded Winbourne Consulting the contract to develop the RFP for a CAD to CAD...


Arlington County, Virginia has chosen Winbourne Consulting to assist them in developing a blueprint for migration...


The State of New Jersey has awarded Winbourne Consulting a contract to perform an analysis of...



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